How to enable screen sharing on zoom

Learn how you can enable screen sharing on Zoom . Here’s the guide how you can effectively do this. For any kind of help contact 1-888-260-1297.

Many Zoom meeting participants cannot share their screen. This is because Zoom only allows the host or a co-host to share their screen by default. If the host wants other participants to share the screen as well, he must enable screen sharing for the participants. That is exactly what we will guide you with.

The answer to that is it depends, the host is in full control of those settings, so you can configure the shared screen however you want, but usually it is only the host or one or two more that can share, however people you get confused as to what screen sharing means, it is not sharing your computer desktop screen, it is sharing slides or videos with the group.

Steps to enable screen sharing on zoom

  • Tap Share in the meeting controls.
enable screen sharing on zoom
  • Touch the screen.
  • Touch Start Now.
  • Screen sharing will start and Zoom will continue to run in the background. ..
  • At the bottom of the screen, touch Annotate to open the annotation tools or touch Stop sharing to stop sharing and return to meeting controls.
  • To share the audio from the computer, such as YouTube, Pandora, etc. During screen sharing, click Share sound from computer.
  • This applies to users joining the meeting via phone and computer to receive audio via phone and share video / screen via computer and enter their Meeting ID and Participant ID to link the devices .

How to Share video with sound in Zoom mobile apps

  • To do that, simply tap the Share content button at the bottom within a Zoom meeting.
  • Then select Display. A screen casting screen will appear. Touch Zoom and press the Start Stream button.
  • Simultaneously enabling screen sharing as the meeting host Start your Zoom meeting as the host.
  • Click the up arrow on the right side of the Share screen, then select Multiple participants can share simultaneously. This allows multiple participants to share their screen at the same time.

How does a host allow screen sharing in Zoom?

  • Go to your account, open the Settings section, and scroll down to the Screen Sharing settings (see attached image).
  • Make sure the settings are turned on, and when you create a meeting using your settings, the host and other participants will be able to share the screen if you’ve set it that way:
How to enable screen sharing on zoom

How do I share my screen in Zoom if I am not the host?

  • You can share the screen, if the host allows it.
  • If you need to show a presentation or your screen, you can do so by asking the host for permission to share the screen.

How to enable Netflix screen sharing in Zoom

  • Click the Share Screen button located in the meeting controls.
  • Select the screen you want to share. You can also choose an individual application that is already open on your computer, desktop, whiteboard, or iPhone / iPad.
  • Enable these functions (optional):
  • Check Share sound from computer: If you check this option, any sounds played by your computer will be shared in the meeting.
  • Check Optimize for video clip in full screen: Check this option if you are going to share a video clip in full screen mode.
  • Otherwise, please do not check this as it may make the shared screen blurry.

How do I share my screen during a zoom call?

  • You should see a green share icon at the bottom or top of the screen. If you don’t see any, move your cursor across the bottom of the screen (or toggle Alt).
  • You can also share the screen with Alt + S, then choose which window you want to share.
  • To stop sharing, click the red button at the top of the screen marked “Stop sharing”.
  • You can see Keyboard shortcuts in Settings. To access Settings, click the caret (menu) to the right of the Start / Stop Video symbol.
  • Normally only one person can share their screen, but that can be changed in the menu next to Screen Sharing or through settings and multiple monitors are recommended if you do.